Purpose-built by compliance professionals for compliance professionals.

Our technology products are built specifically to meet the needs of financial institutions and have been field-tested by institutions facing pressing compliance issues. In addition, our tools and methodologies have been subjected to scrutiny by regulators, and incorporate their input.

Compliance 2.0 Products

Technology Solutions

Increasingly, regulators are demanding an enterprise-wide approach to compliance risk management. Our tools help financial institutions meet that demand with:


Enterprise-wide dashboards enable compliance professionals, senior management, and boards of directors to see, at-a-glance, the state of compliance risk management in their institutions. The web-based user-interface allows users to drill down and see the detail underlying the dashboard.


Flexible reporting enables compliance professionals to generate reports for a variety of audiences from the board of directors, who need to see consolidated reporting of compliance risks across the entire enterprise, to business managers, who may need to see only the compliance risks for the business they manage. Users can customize the reports and save them for future use.

Security & Audit Trails

Easy-to-use administrative screens allow senior compliance professionals to define user-roles so that users can see, input, and edit only the data for which they are responsible. The tools maintain an audit trail, with each change automatically signed and time-stamped.

Compliance 2.0 Products


RADAR's uniform approach to identifying and assessing compliance risk was developed using Promontory's considerable experience and expertise in compliance risk management.

Compliance Obligations Library

The Promontory Compliance Obligations Library is an online database of the laws, regulations, and guidance affecting banks, broker-dealers, and other financial institutions.

Compliance risk management has become 'mission critical' for large, complex banking institutions.

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Purpose-built by compliance professionals for compliance professionals. Dashboards. Reporting. Security & Audit Trails. RADAR. AML & Sanctions Atlas